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Guinea is one of the first African countries to dematerialize its process for developing the public Investment program.

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MPDE), with technical support from DS Institute, officially launched the Integrated Public Investment Program Management System (SIGPIP).

DSI: A deep makeover to better serve our clients.

DS Institute reviewed and improved its service delivery approach following its clients’ recommendations.


the new ECO currency in West African countries a solution for regional development ?

DS Institute assessed the potential effects of the new ECO currency and provided key triggers of ...

SME in Laos needs to be the engine of economic growth

DS Institute to review and design an action plan for the SME strategic plan for Laos

Who we are

DS Institute is an independent think tank and applied research institute for sustainable development and economic growth.

With 10 years of spreading «a new vision for development», CESS Institute 

transformed to DS Institute.

The new mission of DS Institute is to support countries in «achieving an inclusive 

and sustainable development for all».

Our approach is centered on three main pillars:

Through these pillars, DS Institute offers to its clients operational tools to achieve 

an inclusive and sustainable economic development.

DS Institute ensures the sustainability and sustainability of projects and development programs by taking into account the theory of change and information systems technologies as support.

The think tank’s objective is to provide to a selected group of researchers, on invitation only, a space to do innovative research on sustainable development in general.

The Solutions Laboratory offers innovative solutions on development issues for countries. These solutions are offered free of charge to countries or the private sector.

The advisory services aim to provide technical support to countries, development agencies and the private sector to improve their service deliveries.

Area of activity

DS Institute is innovating by combining three key fields required for a successful inclusive and sustainable development:

  • Theory of change
  • Information systems technologies
  • Strategic development planning

DS Institute’s approach is based on best international practices and standards for Managing for Development Results (MfDR) and development project management.

DS Institute, thanks to its flexible organizational structure, is able to focus fully on any country’s specific needs and to provide it with all the support required to achieve its development objectives.


Project management

  • Project framework development
  • Project planning and initiation
  • Project execution

Capacity Building


  • Result Based Management (RBM)
  • Training need assessment
  • Training on demand 

Gender promotion

  • Gender assessment
  • Gender mainstreaming sopport
  •  Vulnerable groups empowerment


Monitoring and evaluation

  • Project implementation
  • Results measurement framework
  • Evaluation with or without control group

Information system


  • Online platform
  • Mapping (GIS)
  • Electronic document archiving

Data Analysis

  • Household and enterprise survey
  • Big data analytics
  • Data mining

Public finance


  • Public Financial Management (PFM)
  • Public Expenditure Review (PER)
  • Public Expenditure and Financial
  • Accountability (PEFA)


Investment promotion

  • Private sector support
  • SME investment promotion
  • Resource mobilization 

Key figures ...

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